4 ways to renovate a beautiful old house that is simple to bring your fortune into the house

4 ways to renovate a beautiful old house that is simple to bring your fortune into the house

Refurbishing your old home for the new year is very simple with some of these tips

At the end of the year, everyone wants to decorate their house to create joy and bring fortune to the family on the occasion of the new year. However, many people feel that refurbishing old homes is a difficult, time-consuming and laborious process. Do not worried. We show you 4 quick and simple home remodeling tips.

1. Bring light into the house
A dark, confined living space will not bring you luck. This is because darkness creates a feeling of pressure on your psychology. Therefore, when renovating old houses, the most important thing is to increase the brightness of the living space. This will bring new year energy to your family.

Of course, it will be very difficult to “create” a new window in the house. The easiest way is to add more indoor light sources. The installation of new lighting models, such as tree and ceiling lights, as well as a new interior decoration. They will create a unique highlight for your home.

You can combine lights with lucky stones for feng shui, such as agate or pink quartz.

Trái: Đèn treo tường bằng đá agate của Ciani Atelier, Ý. Phải: Đèn trần bằng đá agate, John Lewis & Partners, Anh. Những chiếc đèn vừa nghệ thuật vừa thêm điểm sáng cho ngôi nhà.

Left: Wall lamp made of agate by Ciani Atelier, Italy. Right: Agate ceiling light, John Lewis & Partners, UK. The lights are both artistic and add bright spots to the house.

Thay thế đèn cũ với các mẫu đèn mới có độ sáng hơn, ví dụ đèn pha lê, để tăng độ sáng cho căn phòng.

Replace the old lamp with new models with a brighter light, for example crystal lamps, to brighten the room.

2. Add a splash of color
Along with the assembly of additional light sources, you can give your home a brighter look by “changing clothes” for paintable surfaces. For example, kitchen wall or cabinet.

When painting walls, you prioritize choosing colors such as beige and pastel to increase the brightness of the whole room. Then create highlights using smaller areas highlighted in monochrome. Or, you can choose a white wall with a bold color cabinet to create a personality. Of course, you can also use wallpaper to create the same effect.

When renovating old houses, choosing the color gamut is also very important for feng shui. Colors such as rose-orange, orange-orange will bring warmth and luck to love. Cardboard like green grass, green leaves bring peace to life and relationships. Blue is good for financial luck.

Bạn có thể dùng giấy dán tường để phối tường và tủ theo theo phong cách matchy matchy. Ví dụ, phòng khách tường hồng, nền gỗ hay đá trắng, đối lập với phòng bếp tường trắng và tủ hồng. Ảnh: DHGate, Pinterest.

You can use the wallpaper to match the walls and cabinets in a matchy matchy style. For example, the living room with pink wall, wooden background or white stone, contrasts with a white wall kitchen and pink cabinet. Photo: DHGate, Pinterest.

Tạo một ít điểm nhấn đậm màu đối lập với tường màu sáng để tạo cá tính cho không gian sống. Cách chọn màu tùy thuộc vào kế hoạch cho năm mới của bạn. Ảnh: MatsuVP, Pinterest

Create a few bold highlights against the wall of bright colors to create personality for the living space. How you choose colors depends on your plans for the new year. Photo: MatsuVP, Pinterest

Thêm màu sắc tươi tắn cho không gian sống thật dễ bằng việc thay vỏ chăn nệm, màn cửa. Ảnh: Italian Bark

Adding fresh colors to the living space is easy by changing mattress covers, curtains. Photo: Italian Bark

3. Close the wall shelf
A messy house will affect your soul as well. It is difficult to focus on career, love or family when the living space is not tidy. To renovate the old house is good for feng shui, create some more beautiful spaces and help you to organize your house more tidy.

Typically wall shelves. Both help decorate an empty wall array, and help you arrange your house. It’s convenient back art.

Kệ treo tường với sắc vàng ánh kim mang lại điểm nhấn sang trọng cho không gian. Đừng quên tạo sự matchy matchy với tay cầm của tủ cũng màu ánh kim tương ứng. Ảnh: HGTV

Wall-mounted shelves with metallic gold color bring a luxurious accent to the space. Don’t forget to matchy matchy with the handles of the matching iridescence. Photo: HGTV

Nếu có quá nhiều đồ đạc trong nhà, bạn có thể đóng hẳn kệ thay vì chỉ làm kệ treo tường. Kệ chạy dọc tường sẽ cho bạn nhiều diện tích sắp xếp nhà cửa hơn. Ảnh: Olive Burns

If you have too much furniture in your house, you can completely close the shelf instead of just building the wall shelf. Shelves running along the wall will give you more space to arrange your home. Photo: Olive Burns

4. Adorn it with an art piece
As a final step, bring luck into the house with a piece of art. It could be oil paintings, art photos or porcelain statues. When you see these works of art, your spirit will be excited and ready for an energetic new year.

Chỉ cần thêm một bức tranh hay tác phẩm nghệ thuật là không gian sống của bạn sẽ thay đổi ngay

Just add a picture or artwork and your living space will change instantly